The Adventure That Is the Gospel

On Finding a Great Purpose

To sleep under the stars, to drink nothing but well water and to live chiefly on nuts and wild fruit, was a strange experience for Caspian after his bed with silken sheets in a tapestried chamber at the castle, with meals laid out on gold and silver dishes in the anteroom, and attendants ready at his call. But he had never enjoyed himself more. Never had sleep been more refreshing no food tasted more savory. -- Prince Caspian

I have suggested on this blog from time to time that the big problem with Western societies is that they lack a great adventure and therefore their populace lacks a great adventure. In actuality, I do not believe that most people want to live lives of quiet desperation; They want a great purpose to latch on to, a sense that life is worth living in such a way that their deaths will have meaning.

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