Your Good Read for Saturday, July 24, 2021

Rebuilding with Ezra

by Pastor Lindsey Funtik

For many of us who live in the United States, a typical day no longer includes masks and social distancing. If a person has received the COVID-19 vaccine, they are now safe to move through the world in a fairly “normal” manner, whatever that means anymore. It is important to acknowledge that we must be wise about variants and sensitive to the fact that other areas of the world are still really mightily struggling with the pandemic, but for the most part, folks in my little towns of Shreve, Ashland, and Polk, Ohio are no longer feeling the day-to-day effects. 

In a lot of ways, this is an incredible blessing. Because of the God-given gifts of brave scientists and frontline workers, I can write these reflections in a favorite coffee shop that I have not visited in months and months and months. My husband can join me for ultrasound appointments that give us a glimpse at our child. I can finally browse the library’s actual shelves rather than just the virtual catalog. There are a lot of gifts to count at this point in time. 

By the same token, however, I have found this return to “normalcy” a bit challenging....

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